The vintage Verizzo image collection is at about 1500 scanned with probably another 500 to go as of January, 2008.   The image sources are all B&W photographs of many sizes and varying quality.  Many show a sepia type tinting from chemical changes or perhaps hypo blocking, while many others are in perfect condition.

Another quality factor is that of the film and lenses available "back then."  You will often see more grain and less sharp images than with today's technologies.   It's just the way it was!

Scanning Quality:                                    
All 8x10 and larger prints have been scanned at 300 dpi.  Smaller prints have been scanned at a dpi to approximately equate an 8x10 at 300 dpi.  Color, tinted, and warm tone prints were scanned in 8 bit (per channel) color, B&W images as 8 bit gray scale.  If desired, we can supply images up to 8x10 in 16 bit and larger images in a 12 bit TIFF or Minolta RAW. 

The images displayed are mostly unmanipulated.  
 As time permits selected images are being upgraded, corrected for gamma, color, and other variables.  The originals are presented as potential.  You can use your Photoshop/Photo-Paint skills to make them into what you want.  Therefore, you get the best possible raw material and we don't spend hours attempting something that may never be used.  I can always supply the unmanipulated version for your own best efforts.

Organization, Thumbnails, Searching for Keywords
and Comments.

We have organized the photos into topics and representative galleries.  Some photos appear in more than one topic.   Each topic has two ways of seeking and viewing photos.  For instance, under "Aircraft" you will find "Thumbs" and "Interactive-Searchable."  "Thumbs" is just that, a page of thumbnails in file number sequence.  You can easily scan for appealing images without being locked into keyword accuracy or creativity.

"Interactive-Searchable" offers EXIF-JPEG-IPTC search
(use the magnifying glass icon) and (in the future) direct purchase capabilities.  When you click on an image, all metadata appears on the left.    You can find an image number in "Thumbs" and then proceed to "Interactive" and learn more about it. Or, you can just go to "Interactive" and search by keyword or comment.

ON KEYWORD SEARCHES:  As the Photo Estate has one very part time editor, and there are a lot of photos to get metadata entered into, please don't trust the searches!  PLEASE email me, 
paulverizzo@vphotoestate.com with your needs. Another very good reason is that you and I may be thinking of the same photo descriptors, yet use different keywords.  For instance, you might want a 1930's street scene and the IPTC data might show the date of creation.   How do you keyword a photo of goofy looking 1950's kids?


Note:  All photos are visually watermarked, digitally watermarked, and of low quality.  Of course!

When you find photos of interest, email us at paulverizzo@vphotoestate.com with the photo catalog number(s) and the intended use. "Intended use" can include printing out for your own pleasure, publication in print or web media, or alternative medias.   Time for us to respond is minutes to no more than a day, generally.

We will advise you of the original size, a price for use, and an agreement for your signature.  You may fax it back to us at 413-341-3022, scan and return as an email attachment, or even just an acknowledgment by return email with full name and any company and title that might be the case.

We are happy to provide a full size, unwatermarked image for your consideration prior to receiving any payment.