The Verizzo Family Photographic Estate is a micro-stock photo agency.  These are our guidelines:

What we do:

1.  License the right to use a photograph to artists, publications, webmasters, greeting card publishers, etc.  Fees vary with intended use.  Please contact us, . 

2.  Custom printing of photographs on a variety of media.  Conventional photo processes, color, B&W, inkjet, non-traditional.

3.  Seek photogrphs from other photographers within our genres, display them, and act as agent for the owner for a very appealing split of income.  Contact us, .  See below for a list of what we are seeking.  The best explanation is to review our site,

4.  Provide personal, interested service as rapidly as possible, at fair prices, to both customers and agent photographers.

What we don't do:

1.  Try to be everything to everyone. 

2.  Generally, landscapes, clowns, animals, and other "pretty pictures." 
Possible exceptions.  There are many agencies working with those kinds of images.  No cliches or heavily manipulated in Photoshop using things like the "oil painting" look, superimposing images, and those many other "no esthetic brain needed" functions.


The principle categories we are seeking are:

NOSTALGIA: Generally up to the 1960's.  What makes a photo "old?"  Often, that understanding is based on
clothing and hair styles, cars, signs, and other items that identify an era in the past.  It can also be a photographic style, a look, such as the airy, almost dreamlike shots of the 1920's that remind me of Romanticist paintings.

MILITARY: Not so much battle shots, but of soldiers and sailors going about their duties, even having fun, places of visitation, etc.

FAMILY: Maybe old, deceased Aunt Martha is worth some money! Probably not group shots, but ya never know. Christmas, vacation, graduations, ???

HUMOROUS: Perhaps a funny picture, or one that a humorous caption can be attached to. We've all seen those greeting cards cards that put a funny line on an old picture.  Chances are, the old picture was dead serious when taken, but time makes it humorous.

PLACES: Shots of places from way back when and identifiable as such. 

ART PHOTOS: I guess art is in the eye of the beholder, but let's start with photos that were good enough to be accepted in contests or be published in a non-vanity book or elsewhere.

HISTORICAL: For instance, my father took a flash shot of Amelia Earhart as she was about to depart on a new world's record run. (Her husband chastised my father for possibly hurting her night vision.)

CONTEMPORARY: Hard to say what we would like to represent in this category.  Generally, photos of the last forty years that are in some way unique and eye catching.  Beautiful women and men, always.  "Art" photos by creative use of standard processes, yes.  Run it by us, it's easy in this digital age.

We can work with slides, negatives, or quality, large prints. Due to the time that most of these were taken, presumably most are B&W.  (Old Kodachrome slides will probably still be good, other color slides, probably not.)

If you have a 600dpi scanner, you do not need to let prints out of your possession. I will help you with scanning setups and how to fix slightly damaged, tonal problems, or faded photos.

All identifiable living people not in a public venue must sign a model release for use in advertising.  You must provide a copy to us. I can provide a release form.  Releases are not necessary for "editorial" works. i.e., everything else.

If you aren't sure about anything please email me!